ORP2 is a downloadable Online Resource Pack comprising:

  • 5 Lesson Plans including such activities as exploring dynamics with the Jolly Elephants activity, working on the steady beat with a horse’s hooves song, rhyme and gross motor activity and working with a drum and tapping instruments to develop dual handed coordination
  • 5 Observation Records to use as evidence and share with parents
  • 5 Children’s Activity Sheets  including 10 Little Fingers for number recognition and counting, Jolly Elephants for comparative language/dynamics and colouring and number/colouring sheets based on 5 Fluffy Clouds and 5 Fairy cakes
  • 5 MP3 Files each containing at least 9 songs, including There was a Princess long ago, London Bridge, Shake from side to side Incy Wincy Spider and We have danced and we have sung
  • 1 Learning, Skills and Fun Sheet which summarises the educational value of the whole Online Resource Pack




Sample PDF Resources for one lesson which is accompanied by a 9 track MP3 file.

Please note – each Online Resource Pack comprises downloads of 5 sets of the above resources and at least 40 musical tracks